Introducing The SIZEMASTER
The only medically-backed and proven enlargement device in the world.

penis enlargerThe SIZEMASTER is an innovative device which has been design to be safe and comfortable and the most effective devices to enlarge the penis. The Extender is very easy to use and ergonomically designed to fit everyone. It will safely elongate and enlarge your penis to its full potential with the fully adjustable tension created by the device.

The positive tension created while wearing the SIZEMASTER may feel strange at first but just like a new pair of shoes they soon wear in and will feel like they are part of you. After several sessions you should slowly increase tension and will be well on your way to a longer and thicker penis. The key to penile lengthening is gradual tension over a period of time and just like exercising you have to keep at it, to reap the full potential of the devices effect. In other words, use the SIZEMASTER as often as you can! It is recommended that the SIZEMASTER be used no less than 2 hours per day either in one session or twice daily for 2 one hour sessions to achieve maximum result. Included in the pack is an extension cylinder for those requiring extra length. The SIZEMASTER is completely adjustable and can extend from between 4 to 10 inches.

Very Easy To Use and Safe

The SIZEMASTER is very easy to use you simply insert your Penis into the device fully so that the base of the tube is hard against the pubic area, then secure the head of the penis with rubber tubing and adjust the tension to your level of comfort. The tension should therefore be firm but not so much that it causes pain. Remember the key to penile enlargement is perseverance with gradual tension over an extended period of time. Most SIZEMASTER users note increases within a week or two!! You can expect permanent penile growth results....up to 2 inches or more.