Full Hypnosis Sessions

Weight Loss:

By using our weight loss hypnosis for about a half hour every day your subconscious mind will begin to look at food as fuel and fuel for the body alone. Once you realize that on a deep-down level, the cravings start to disappear. You'll start to find that you're eating less and enjoying it more.


Stop Smoking:

This Stop smoking hypnosis communicates to your subconscious mind that you can still take a break, go outside, have a nice breath of fresh air, spend time with your friends, comfort yourself and reward yourself in other ways.


Self Confidence:

Now is the time to supercharge your self confidence, overcome your negative self talk, and tap into that sensual, passionate side of you that has a zest for life. What would it be like to "get out of your head" and instantly connect with everyone around you at a very deep level.


Better Focus:

Create powerful focus and concentration and improve your performance at work and in sports! Hypnosis creates the same 'calm mind' state to teach your unconscious mind to focus properly when you need to.


Improve Study:

Can you imagine, studying can be fun; and learning can be a life-time of pure joy? Now, you can change your beliefs and experiences about studying and get turned on to learning. And it is just as simple as using this hypnotic sleep cd at bedtime.